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The top 5 neutral color options for 2021

  1. Vanilla – French vanilla

The color of vanilla with the light shade of yellow gives a ray of light to any part of the house. It can be used to make the space look bigger and more airy with a small amount of natural light. The shade of vanilla enhances the existing lighting making the room look even brighter and for this reason it is used in the kitchen, living room and rooms.

  1. The shade of cement

The shades of gray in combination with blue and green are a trend in the choice of colors for the decoration of the furniture for 2021. A room dominated by scattered tones of colors creates an atmosphere of relaxation and moral recovery. For this reason, after all, the shades of cement are used as a contrast with bright colors. These shades are suitable for the living room, the bedroom but also for the bathroom.

  1. Nut

A light shade of brown, similar to the shade of walnut on the furniture is a great choice for an earthy and soft interior of a living room. In addition, this shade has the advantage of making the space look bigger.

  1. Gray – Green

It is official that for 2021, the trend of green shades in the interior of the house will continue to exist. The gray tones in combination with the green ones create a feeling of freshness and make the space brighter.

  1. Light gray

One of the most beloved colors of many when it comes to furniture decoration. If you want to create a place that contributes to relaxation, gray is the ideal choice. Both in monochrome and in contrasting tones, his choice is interesting.