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Arta: 26810 61421 + 23 | Agrinio: 26410 51555
Άρτα: 26810 61421 + 23 | Αγρίνιο: 26410 51555

Shipping methods

With truck and staff of our company.
Epiplogrami Kakolyris having its own trucks and the necessary specialized staff can transport the products to your place with a small financial burden depending on the area and the prevailing conditions.

With a transport company of your choice.
Kakolyris Epiplogrami undertakes the packaging and transport of the products to the agency desired by the customer in the area of ​​Arta. Shipping costs and delivery of products are borne by the customer. If you do not have an agency in mind we can suggest you one to provide you with services that will ensure the safety of your products.

Receipt of products from a physical store.
Epiplogrami Kakolyris with physical stores in Arta and Agrinio gives you the opportunity to pick up from there the products you have ordered.

Whichever way you choose to receive your products, the company will contact you so that there is proper and smooth operation in the process.

Shipping time

The shipping time of the products depends on their availability. If the products are available then they are shipped immediately within 3 to 7 working days. Delivery of special orders is made up to 60 days, depending on the type of product, from the day of the order. Epiklogrami Kakolyris is not responsible for the unavailability but guarantees the information of the customer about the status of his order. In any case we are available for any questions by phone at 26810-61421 or via e-mail at

Shipping charges

Shipping costs are calculated according to:

The volume of products
The weight of the products
The address and postal code of the place of destination

Charges are always calculated until the sidewalk entrance of the declared delivery address. In cases where the place of destination is an island, shipping costs are always calculated up to the seat of the transport agency / courier. The consumer has no obligation to pay if he does not receive the legal document
(receipt / invoice). Shipping costs include VAT 24%. Please let us know if there are any difficulties in accessing your space.

When you receive your order from the transport company of your choice, please:
Make sure the number of products / packages corresponds to your order
Check all boxes / packages for damage
Open the packages to check the products
If the number of products / packages is less than expected, inform the driver that there is a shortage. If the products have been damaged, do not accept the delivery and state the reasons. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately.